September 26, 2013

Potato Masala with Animal Pooris

How to make Potato Masala (for Masala Dosa & Poori's)

             As I remember, the famous 'Poori-Masal' must have been one of the top selling combos in South Indian restaurants, in the 80's. Back then, there were just a few items on the menu and only those limited number of items would be available any where you go - I wonder how foodies like me, survived those periods, with so little to choose from.

       All said & done, the Poori-Masala is a hit in almost every family; but I had to think of a way to make it, a winner in my family, because my son would neither eat Poori's nor the Potato Masala. Thanks to Cookie Cutters! I was so glad, when he declined to share his Poori-Masala with us & ate something new, without making any funny faces.

Potato Masala for Dosa & Poori

September 3, 2013

Savory Kuzhi Paniyaram / Kaara Kuzhi Paniyaram

How to make easy Savory Kuzhi Paniyaram

                Compete with authentic South Indian Restaurants by serving these famous breakfast/tiffin item from Chettinaad!! If you have not tried making these, you will be surprised to know how easy it is, to prepare these with the Idli batter that's commonly available. All you need is the the Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan  & the rest of it is a breeze. It goes with a variety of accompaniments and it's totally up to you. I served these with Onion-Tomato chutney, simple Coconut chutney & Peerkangai (Ridge Gourd) thuvayal here. Although it's pretty simple, I have elaborated the steps with lots of pictures to help, for the novice cook.

Easy Chettinaad kaara Kuzhi Paniyaram

Easy Chettinaad Savory Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe

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