March 28, 2014

Milk Poori's / Fried Indian Puffy Bread

How to make Milk Poori's/Fried Indian Puffy Bread


                Poori's are a must have, on Sunday mornings in many homes especially, coz' the kids love it. My better half can eat Puri's morning, noon & night; although he's a substantially big kid, now. Since he went on & on about, how I rarely make these high calorie, fried flat breads for him - I decided to give in this time & serve the Puri's he was longing for. Most of us are familiar with the regular Puri's, so I decided to make these Milk Puri's where the dough is made with cold milk, instead of water. A sneaky way to include milk into the kids meal if they do not like to drink it. Mr.S decided to stay by the frying pan to make sure, I didn't change my mind about making these & helped with the frying part of the process, giving his special touch of browning them a little more than required & adding a few age spots on them. Hopefully, your Puri's will come out in a beautiful golden color, unless you have an over enthusiastic helper in your kitchen, as well :o) 

              Goes great with Vegetable KurmaPotato Masala if you want to go for South Indian side, Pindi Chole (make it into a semi-gravy), Makki Chi Bhaji or Lobia Rassedar. An excellent way to serve up left over Puri's (for dessert) is to tear them up into bite sized pieces & drop them into warm milk mixed with a little sugar. Now guess who demonstrated, this manner of gobbling up more Puri's ;o)

Milk Poori/Fried Indian Puffy Bread

March 23, 2014

Vegetable Kurma

How to make Vegetable Kurma

      The Vegetable Kurma or Korma can be a versatile accompaniment, that can go from breakfast to lunch & lunch to dinner, depending on what it is served with. Some even, prefer the Kurma over the popular Potato Masala as well, due to the aromatic flavors going on in this, lip-smacking Kurma. Although there are various versions of veggie Kurma, this beats the rest of them because of the variety of vegetables that goes into it; which makes it all the more colorful & healthy. We gobbled our Milk Puris with this delectable Kurma. You can play around with whatever vegetables you have at hand & also use frozen or canned ones to cut down on your cooking time.

Vegetable Kurma with Coconut & Poppy seeds

March 18, 2014

A Tribute to my Father

In loving memory of my Dad

              Where do I begin? How do I start? No matter how hard i try, there are not enough words I can say to describe just how important my father was to me. Today, would be my first birthday, without my dad. My father was my hero, whom i looked up to. He was my encyclopedia. As a li'l girl - I believed, there wasn't a subject in the world, that he wasn't aware of. I was in awe, at his mental math skills, but dreaded the time he would tutor math for me. More than anything, there was an unconditional love for him; he always had a special place in my heart - not for anything he had done, but for just being my dad! I truly can't remember a time when i was mad at him, such was his fathering. 

A Tribute to my Father

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