April 30, 2013

Lemon-Lime Rice

How to make Lemon-Lime Rice

         The Lemon Rice as we know it has taken a turn for the better in this Bold & Tangy Lemon-Lime Rice!! I have been making my Lemon rice this way as my family likes its bold flavor. I prefer not to use Basmati rice, as the flavor of Basmati doesn't compliment this dish.

         This is excellent for picnics, travel, lunch boxes and Valaikkappu (Indian Baby Shower). I bet the pregnant ladies would love this tangy rice. It can be served with Potato fry / pickles / chips or pappad.

Lemon Lime rice

April 22, 2013

Oreo Milk Shake

How to make Oreo Milk Shake

            The first time I ever saw Oreo's in this wonderful land of opportunity, I wasn't ready to try it, under the presumption that it was the bitter kind of chocolate. I was so naive; I had no clue as to, what I was missing. I am thankful to my son - for giving me the positive reviews & making me try this amazing cookie. If you need a crowd pleaser for a gathering, you should give this recipe a try. I always get 'Two Thumbs Up' from all the kids for whom, I have whipped up this drink plus, it makes a filling snack as well. I have had kids come up to me & ask for the recipe too :)

Oreo Milk Shake

April 18, 2013

Special Dal with vegetables

How to make Special Dal (with Ridge Gourd)

                I like to add vegetables in my dal, so i can sneak in atleast one more serving of vegetables during dinner/lunch. You can omit the vegetable altogether or substitute the Ridge Gourd (Peerkangai) with any other vegetable of your choice. Vegetables with a high water content works well for this dal, ex: Bottle Gourd (Sorakkai), Chayote Squash (Chow-Chow or Bangalore Brinjal),Spinach or other greens. As a plus, you can also use the peel/skin of the Ridge Gourd to make a yummy Chutney/Thuvayal.

Dal with vegetables

April 11, 2013

Vendakai Poriyal / Sauteed Okra /Bhindi Sabji

How to make Vendakai Poriyal

           Okra or Bhindi (in Hindi) as we know it, has been my most favorite vegetable since childhood; not because of its qualities but because of how my mom used to make it for us. If you are thinking of Okra as a slimy vegetable, you will have to try this recipe & it will change the way you think of it.

Vendakai Poriyal / Sauteed Okra

April 8, 2013

Pudalangai Poriyal /Snake Gourd Curry

How to make Pudalangai Poriyal/Snake gourd Curry

              The Snake Gourd (Pudalangai in Tamil) was not on my favorites list until I tasted a variation of this vegetable at my friends (Ms.U) place. That reminds me, I should try to get that recipe from her. If you or anyone in your family is like most of us, then you should definitely try this recipe. This is a very easy & tasty recipe which needs just a few simple ingredients.

Pudalangai Poriyal / Snake gourd Curry

April 4, 2013

Cheesy Black Bean Enchiladas

How to make Black Bean Enchiladas

           Loaded with black beans, corn and cheese, saucy enchiladas are easy to make and always satisfy hearty appetites. It went along great with the other items on the Mexican themed party. These are a hit every time it's made. It's definitely a crowd- pleaser, plus it makes the job easy on the host.

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