November 23, 2014

Shimla Mirch Ka Kairsas

How to make Shimla Mirch Ka Kairsas (Goan Cuisine)

             Craving for something tangy, sweet & sour; with crunchy nuts in every bite? Then, this should be on your list of foods, to try. The flavors in this dish and the combination of ingredients were unusually new & unique; well, at least for my family. This zesty and colorful dish is from the Hindu Cuisine of Goa. No onions or garlic are used and the fusion of the ground masala, along with the roasted nuts & the tanginess of the tamarind, makes it a delectable accompaniment. Go ahead and give it a try. You might surprise yourself !!

Goan Shimla Mirch

November 14, 2014

Banana Nut Bread/Muffins

How to make Banana Nut Bread/Muffins (with step-by step pictorials)

            I love baking; but what I love even more, is baking quick breads, muffins & loafs, far more than baking cakes and other sweet treats; simply because of their drastic difference in nutritive value. When it comes to feeding our families; don't we always want the best for them? This is one such recipe, that will please all your loved ones. No special gadgets needed, healthy for all, and best of all - an excellent way to use up your over-ripe bananas, that no one wants to eat at home. 

         I sit here, reminiscing of the good old days -whenever we were stuck with over-ripe bananas at home; I would wait impatiently for the eager cows/calves to pay us a visit. Although I'm sure they love the tasty treat; myself & the kids love the opportunity to get up close to these sweet creatures, & a chance to pet them. It's a win-win for everyone. But this recipe is another way to a 'win-win'; to win the love of your family & friends.

Healthy Banana Muffins


Dry Ingredients:

1 Cup all purpose flour/Maida
3/4 Cup whole wheat flour
1/4 tsp Cinnamon (powder)
1/4 tsp Salt
1/4 tsp Nutmeg (powder)
1 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 Cup Sugar/Raw Cane Sugar

Moist Banana Nut Bread

Wet Ingredients:

2 Eggs
3 Tbsp Yogurt
1/4 Cup Vegetable/Canola Oil
1 Tbsp Vanilla extract
4 Well Ripe Bananas, Mashed

Additional Ingredients:

1 to 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar for topping
1/2 Cup broken/chopped Walnuts

Moist Banana Nut Bread

November 8, 2014

Manoli Kadle (Mangalorean Ivy Gourd)

How to make Manoli Kadle (Mangalorean Kovakkai/Tendli)

          Having lived in Bangalore for so many years, has a strong influence on me. Don't  get any ideas, now - I've never been 'under the influence'; but I'm fondly drawn towards Kannada cuisine. Here is one such recipe, for you to enjoy. The combination of the Ivy gourd & Chickpeas, might be new to many of us but, It is a lip-smacking dry curry, to enjoy with your rice platter. Sending this recipe to SriValli's CCChallenge #14 Nov-week 2. This recipe is from Mallika Badrinath's - Classic Lunch Recipes.

Mangalorian Kovakkai

November 3, 2014

Instant Bonda

How to make Instant Bonda (Spiced & fried dumplings)

           I'm usually not, a 'fried-food' person; but my better half, can live on oil-bathed, munchies. Although I cannot pass up, a serving of deliciously golden & crisp snack; I would just opt for something 'un-fried', when given a choice. On the day of Diwali, hubby dear was in the mood for some Bonda (Deep fried spiced dumplings). Since I couldn't refuse - I just wanted to make it as easy as possible for me, with ingredients on hand. Luckily, I had some Idli batter, chilling away in the refrigerator & within minutes, the batter was transformed into scrumptious Bonda's. Serve them, hot & crispy with Coconut chutney, along with mug of piping hot Tea or Coffee. 
             On another note - Does your kid bring back half-finished lunches? Are your kids bored of the same old foods, in their lunch boxes? If you are constantly thinking of what to pack for your kids - check out this 100 Kids Lunchbox Recipe Book from Indus Ladies. You are sure to find something, that interests your little ones. 

Thideer Bonda

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