April 22, 2016

Blanching Almonds

How to Blanch Almonds

                      Lots of delicious recipes call for blanched almonds. If you haven't blanched before, there is a misconception that, it is a tedious & time consuming process. I assure you; it is not! You may need another set of helping hands, only if you have a ton of almonds, to skin. Here's a step by step pictorials to show you how easy, it really is.

How to blanch almonds:
  • Take the required quantity of whole almonds in a heat proof bowl.
  • Take enough water (to submerge the almonds) in a saucepan & bring it to a rolling boil.
  • Pour boiling hot water onto the almonds & let sit for 2 minutes.
  • Rinse the almonds in cold water, drain & start squeezing the almonds out of their skins. The skin should slip away easily in one piece.
  • Now use them whole or slivered/chopped; as called for in your recipe. If you need to powder the almonds, let them dry before powdering/pulverizing. 

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