July 13, 2015

Grilled Brie, Pear and Jalapeno Jam Sandwich

How to make a Grilled Brie, Pear and Jalapeno Jam Sandwich

        This is a one of a kind sandwich, which has a variety of flavors & texture to it. Brie is a very rich and creamy cheese which goes great with the crunchy fresh fruit and also balances the heat from the hot & sweet Jalapeno jam. If you have access to Granny smith apples; that makes one heck of a sandwich. It's bound to keep you satisfied for hours, while also pleasing your taste buds. This recipe was jotted down in my dairy a long time ago - I'm happy to finally share this flavorful recipe with you & my friends at CCChallenge.

How to make a Grilled Brie, Pear and Jalapeno Jam Sandwich, Hot & sweet fruit sandwich,


Multi-grain/Whole Wheat bread
Brie Cheese
Pear or Granny smith slices
Jalapeno pepper Jam (Recipe here)
Unsalted softened butter/margarine

Optional gadget:
Panini press/Sandwich maker

Stove Top Method:

  • Spread 2 pieces of bread with butter. 
  • Place 1 piece, butter side down, in a skillet over medium heat and top with a thick layer of Brie. When the buttered side has browned, place slices of Pear on top of the cheese.
  • Spread the un-buttered side of the other piece of bread with some jelly and put it jelly side down on top of the pear & cheese. 
  • Flip the sandwich and grill/cook until the other butter side has browned & serve warm.

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